We made it to 2021!

I know I'm not alone when I say thank goodness last year is in the rearview mirror. I am trying not to dwell too much on the last year and instead, want to focus on the year ahead and all the great things I have planned for the salon.

We have finally gotten back to our regular online booking, I know everyone is relieved about this. I mean, it's always 2am when we think about making our appointments right!? So, hopefully this will make our guest experience a little easier.

Speaking of guest experience, that is my main focus for this year. With what we had to deal with last year, taking a trip outside our own domains has felt daunting. With that in mind, I know that we are all selective in the places we chose to visit, we need to feel appreciated. I want our guests to feel immensely important,(as you truly are) pampered and special. I would sincerely appreciate our guests offering their opinions on what amenities they would like to see in the salon this year, what can we do differently to make you feel like a superstar? Hopefully, we will be able to gather this information and roll out the red carpet thereafter.

This is the year to really take care of ourselves, I know I want to keep healthy and strong, including my hair. We will all start going out and about very soon. With our schedules still skewed in the salon, we are not all working as many hours as we normally would. If you have any social events or anything you want to look fabulous for, it is a very good idea to book service appointments at least 4 weeks in advance.

We want you to have the best year yet and look forward to being a small part of your success in this coming year and the years beyond. You...In Bloom.

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