Our New Normal... April 2020

Ok, so obviously we are closed for business and don't exactly know when we will reopen. That said, we are anticipating a very busy schedule once we do open again. We had appointments on the books for the months of March and April that we will be contacting first to book in once we do open.

At this point, we will adjust our schedules to open more days and hours to accommodate as many clients as we can at the beginning. We are still working out the details of that but it is confusing since e don't have a specific date.

We will get through this together!!

We know that many of our clients are still working from home and still need to attend video calls etc. and would like to look their best for these meetings. Please understand that everyone is in the same boat, men will have longer hair, women will be showing their grey roots and in general, no one will be looking fabulous as usual. We are all in the same boat and everyone gets it. We know the last thing on anyone's mind is looking at the other person's hair, nails etc. No-one cares at this point. So don't worry!

If you really feel you need to hide something or simply can't look at yourself, we have some videos you can watch in order to help you camouflage certain things.

At this time, we will not be selling client's color formulas. It is against the law to resell professional color and we would be in trouble with the state board, maybe losing our license, if we were to do this. It is also not a guarantee that your formula would be mixed or applied in the correct way to get professional results so we cannot put our professional credentials at risk. If you choose to go the box dye route, please understand that in order for us to fix this type of color, it will cost you more than the $8.99 you paid for this box. These types of corrections are difficult and we need to utilize a lot of product and technique to fix it.

We urge you to #showyourroots and #supportyourstylist and just wait for us.

We are offering to drop off hair and skincare products curbside for your convenience, this should help you with protecting and nourishing while we are all home bound. We are also selling root touch up sprays if you really need to hide those pesky hairline roots.

The way we see it now is, this is the perfect time for you to re evaluate your care systems. Maybe your hair will be long enough to finally do something different after all this. Maybe you'd like to completely change your color, having some roots makes it easier for us to accomplish this. Maybe your bangs gets so long that now you can actually get them into a ponytail. With all the conditioning treatments you've had time to do, your hair should be in the best shape ever!

All good news, we can give you a total makeover when you come back to see us.

We will be offering video tutorials through our Facebook and Instagram pages showing you some tips on how to hide roots, style overgrown bangs etc. Please visit us and check them out online.

So, for now, stay healthy, stay safe and please...put those dull scissors down!!

If you are already a guest of ours, please see our Purple Orchid Salon Clients Only page on Facebook, ask to join, we will accept and you will get all the latest information about us there.

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