Remember when you used to mean it when you told your guests that you loved your job??

At Purple Orchid Salon, we celebrate our unique backgrounds and personalities, whether we have 20+ years experience or just out of school.


We constantly evolve with the ever changing conditions of this beautiful industry.

We are committed to on-going education in all the fields we have passion for.

We encourage each other to learn, whether it's online, at offsite locations or within the team,

our drive is to be constantly learning.

We have a Schwarzkopf Professional educator as a leader, who is always ready to teach the team in order to grow.

We respect each other immensely and our guests feel extremely comfortable within our relaxed and inviting vibe.

We are 5 star rated because our guests know they are in perfectly capable hands,

we give each of them 100% of our attention at each visit.

We become the people they come to for our honest opinion and they know we will do our very best to service them according to their lifestyle and budget.

Purple Orchid Salon is a certified Green Circle Salon that is focused on keeping our environment, guests and staff in beautiful health.

We use only the best products, proficient in all of their nuances and utility, there is truly a specific product and service for every single guest to showcase their inner and outer beauty.

We believe in no excuses and understand that we need to market ourselves in order to grow and flourish

We inspire to have our entire team be six figure stylists! In order to achieve this, we engage in regular pow wows and brainstorm sessions to help each other reach our goals.

Sick pay, vacation pay and paid education are all part of our perks.

We believe in fun and family and accommodate flexible schedules in order to find balance.

We know that coming to work should be something you enjoy and look forward to,

we want happy stylists!

We have an open door policy and welcome interested new team members to come and experience the unique experience that is Purple Orchid Salon.

Email anytime for further employment information at

We will look forward to having you as part of the family

You...In Bloom!